Monday, November 3, 2008

Today's Shaws Trip

I said I would start adding my daily deals to try and help my readers get together some scenarios! Time to stock up on some great winter essentials and make money doing it! Don't forget to add in the fillers that your family needs at each trip! I have been trying to add in meats and other expensive items, that will last us!
Total Before Sales and Coupons: $64.29
Total OYNP Coupons Used: $20.00
Total OOP: $0.69
Total Coupons Back: $25 OYNP
Here is the breakdown: Remember to check your stores presale prices first!

Purchased all in 1 transaction, but will break down between the 2 Promos going on this week and what I added as fillers:

ConAgra Promo (Spend $20 get $10 back):
3 Cans Healthy Choice Soup $2.69 presale price, on sale $1.25 -$1/3 coupon from blinky machine in store
6 Boxes Swiss Miss $1.99 presale price, on sale $1.00

$15/$30 Back Page Promo (Spend $30 get $15 back):
2 Helmanns Mayo's $4.29 presale price, on sale $2.50 -$1/2 mailer coupon
1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.70 presale, sale $1.67 -$0.75/1 printable from my sidebar
2 Progresso Soups $2.89 presale, sale $1.67 -$0.55/2 printable from my sidebar
1 Knorr Plus $2.99 presale, sale $1.67 -$0.60/1 printable from my sidebar
1 Progresso Broth $2.69 presale, sale $1.67 -$1.25 mailer coupon
2 Green Giant Boxed Veggies $2.00 presale, sale $1 -$2 in coupons from sidebar
1 Country Crock $3.99 presale, sale $2.50 -$0.55/1 printable from sidebar

Filler Items:
2 Hillshire Farms Kielbasa 2/$6 -$1/2 coupon from recent insert=$5 for 2
2 bags mint m&ms on clearance for $0.87/ea. (this is what I get for sending a hungry Hubby to the store! lol)


Innocent Observer said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I went tonight and cleaned up! I didn't find anything in the flyer about the con-agra deal so I sent my husband up to test out your scenario and it worked (and I still don't know why! haha)We now have enough hot cocoa for...for...I have no idea what on earth we will do with all that hot cocoa! 18 boxes! haha

I'll be posting my picture tomorrow morning on my blog

In short I came home with over $300 worth of food for $17 and still have $15 to spend. Yea!

Thanks again!

BECKY! said...

Your blog is AWESOME! Thanks so much! I just started out trying to document my are awesome! Thanks so much for the pre-sale price info at Shaw's! I'm going to go and go back and go back!

Ronell said...

Thank you both so much!!