Sunday, November 2, 2008

FREE Food even without coupons @ Shaws

We were talking about this over on slickdeals tonight. You can get FREE food even without coupons at Shaws this week with the spend $30 get $15 back promo!

Buy 15 boxes of Green Giant veggies normal price $2/ea. on sale for $1/ea. Presale total equals $30. You would pay $15 and get $15 back.

Buy 14 boxes of Betty Crocker Potatoes normal price $2.19/ea. on sale for $1/ea. Presale total is $30.66. You would pay $14 and get back $15!

Buy 14 boxes of Betty Crocker Cake Mix normal price $2.19/ea. on sale for $1/ea. Presale total is $30.66. You would pay $14 and get $15 back!

Of course you can mix and match these and play around with them. But this is great to let all your family and friends know about that don't use coupons, it's simpler for them! lol. Be sure to check your store prices first though to be sure that the presale price totals $30.


Swap Savers said...

Thanks for the post. I posted it on my site

with a link to yours. A lot of my members are from MA.

Sarah said...

Can you explain where the $30 get $15 back promo is coming from? And also what you mean by presale? How do you ask Shaws to do that at the counter?

Ronell said...

Sarah the $30/$15 promo is on the back page of the Shaws flyer. It has been confirmed that the catalina machine will give you your $15 coupons if you purchase $30 in PRESALE items. Meaning original price and not the sale price! A few tips before you go, take a pen, paper, calculator and all your coupons with you so you can plan based on your stores normal prices. On average I have been spending about $9 after all sales and coupons and getting the $15 back. Now the down side to this is if for some reason your coupons don't print from the machine you won't have that great of an arguement since they will tell you that you didn't spend $30. It is confirmed working though, you could always ask they rering you at another register to see if it works. Does that make any sense?

Sarah said...

Thanks, that helps explain.

Takisha said...


No Idea how I stumbled across your blog but I'm here, lol
I did this deal 3 times! Various goods and I had several coupons for each so I MADE OUT!Just keep rolling your catalinas, works like a charm.
This morning I bought 4 All small and mighty laundry detergent,3 dove deoderants,6 doneut holes for the little one and 2 boxes of near east rice pilaf for .47 cents! I used $10 from my previous deals.

Adding you to my favorites!

OnlyOnSale said...


can you spend your catalina on the deal and get another catalina back?

Ronell said...

Hi onlyonsale, You sure can! Keep rolling those Cats!! I don't know if you saw, but I have updated that you can buy $60 worth of presale stuff in 1 transaction and get (6) $5 cats! I just did it today spent almost $100 presale, used $35 in cats, spent $0.19 oop and got $40 back!!

kristina said...

Just wanted to let you know that I did the cat deal twice today. It worked the first time, and I used the $15 to roll into a second deal, but didn't get any cat coupons in the end. I went over my receipt twice and it was definitely not an error on my part. I am very disappointed. Bummer. :(

Ronell said...

Kristina, What did you purchase? You can email me if you'd like. It has to be either the machine wasn't working or something you purchased wasn't included. Myself and many others have done this deal over and over again and it's worked. I'm sorry you had a bad trip!

Anonymous said...

I did the deal twice myself today and (presale dollars) worked. I then sent my mom in with a list and it didn't work for her. She had the manager called and he told her it was because she was using presale dollars and was suppose to use sale prices. Do you think Shaw's has gotten wise to this and has corrected it?

Ronell said...

I honestly dont think so. I just did the deal twice and got everything! Was the machine working that she went to? The catalina machine should have a green steady light on, if not it is not working. Also the machine will start blinking to let you know that you have coupons printing.

If you give me a list of the items she purchased I could try and see if something triggered it? You can email me if you'd like. Did she go in right after you did? Did she make sure to check her total presale to make sure it was $30?

Michelle said...

It bothered me so much that I went back to Shaw's tonight and tried again. The manager was obviously wrong because I purchased 12 Progresso soups and received $15.00. My poor mom must have picked the wrong register. I'll have to take her with me next time.


Anonymous said...

thank you for your great post i did this deal 5 times today got tons of stuff lets just say i have enough laundry detergent for a year (the kind i use) and i still have 15.00 to use im out of coupons for the items needed for the deal but maybe ill just use them to buy the coffee on sale thanks again

kristina said...

oops... I hadn't realized you commented back in your comments section.

I went back to the store later that day and tried to figure out why they didn't print. The employees were clueless as to the the details of the deal. First they tried to say it was because I didn't purchase everything all in one category (i.e all $1 items or all 4 for $6 items). Then, they tried to say it was because I only paid $1 out of pocket, so of course I wouldn't be getting $15 in coupons back.

I just gave up and left. I live in a small town, and decided it was better to leave than come across like an ungrateful crazy person because I was insisting I should have gotten $15 in coupons, when I had already gotten a bagful of groceries for $1.