Friday, January 2, 2009

Shaws 15/30 Promo DOES Work On PRE-SALE Prices!!!

Go have fun my fellow Shaws shoppers and save some for me! Stock up on everything you need for the winter! It has been reported by another wonderful SDer (wormbutt) that this promo as expected DOES work on pre-sale prices! She went this morning to try it out! It's the same as last time and it spits out (3) $5 CATS.

Here is a great beginner scenario for little OOP:

8 boxes of cereal that are at least $3.99 shelf price (you can play with this if your cereal costs more and get fewer boxes!!)

Total Pre-Sale - $31.92
Total Sale - $16
Coupons - (8) $0.75/1 coupons (see my side bar and
Total OOP - $4

Important: Remember that Shaws only double up to 6 of the same coupons, so you will have to get at least 2 different cereals. Also this is based on the coupons doubling. I know that some people have gotten "THOSE" cashiers that undouble their coupons...I hope none of us get those cashiers! lol.

Now this is just a quick beginners scenario so you all can start with little oop. I won't have a chance to get to the store until at least later tonight, but I will be sure to post all my scenarios! And you can be certain that diapers and wipes will be included in mine! lol.


BECKY! said...

Yep - just did a round myself! Pre-sale prices rock! I love Shaw's!

Ronell said...

That's great! What'd you end up getting?