Friday, October 9, 2009

Shaws Trip 10/09

Total Before Savings: $31.90
Total OOP: $0.50
CATs Used: $10.00
CATs Received: $9.00
Total Cost: $1.50
(4) Ronzoni Smart Taste (1.69psp) $1.00
(2) Ronzoni Healthy Harvest (1.99psp) $1.00
(1) Sparkle Paper Towel (1.75psp) $1.00
(2) Smart Balance Butter (4.29psp) $2.50
(3) Breyers YoCrunch (3.49psp) $2.50

Coupons Used:
(2) $1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste
(1) $1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest
(2) $1.50/1 Smart Balance
(3) $1/1 Breyers YoCrunch

Things to Note:
This catalina deal TRIPLES thanks to Dawn on SD!! It does NOT quadruple though. For every $10 in presale price you spend get a $3 CAT back. There are many many items included in this catalina promo, check out the entire back page of the weekly flyer for details! If I have a minute sometime this weekend I will type everything out along with all the psp and sale prices. Happy Shopping!!


Eric in ME said...

I am curious why you list CATs used and received towards the total cost? I assume the CATs used you probably applied to an earlier deal so they don't really count towards the total for this deal, right?

Ronell said...

Hi Eric! I consistantly roll my CATs into deals and so do most of the Shaws shoppers that follow the blog. So that is how my particular transaction went. If you have no CATs to use right now you would pay $10.50 oop and get back the $9 in CATS so technically even though you started with more oop than I did it would still "cost" you the $1.50 after you get your CATs back from that transaction. Does that make sense? Then you could take those $9 in CATs that you got from this transaction and roll them into the next for little to nothing OOP. Hope that helps!

Rich and Leslie said...

Does shaws have a limit on how many of the same coupon you can use in one transaction?

Ronell said...

Shaws will double up to 6 of the same coupons. Say you have more than 6 of the same $1/1 coupons you should be ok to use them, but different people make up their own rules on that one. I've had my store near me tell me no more than 6 like coupons no matter what but other stores take them. Good luck!