Friday, October 9, 2009

Shaws Trip 10/09

So I just had to hit up Shaws on my way home from work tonight and here is what I did! I am loving this CAT deal! Can't wait for my Eggo coupons to come in!

Total Before Savings: $30.51
Total OOP: $0.80
CATs Used: $13.00
CATs Received $12.00
Total Cost: $1.80

(4) Clorox Wipes (3.49psp) $2.50
(3) Breyers Disney yogurts (3.29psp) $2.50
(1) SueBee Honey (4.69psp) $2.50
(1) Soft Soap (1.99psp) $1.00

Coupons Used:
(1) $2.50/4 clorox (shaws back to school booklet) (1) $0.75/1 breyers 9-13SS
(1) $1.50/1 breyers 9-13SS
(1) $1/1 honey (peelie on the honey)
(1) $0.35/1 soft soap (found @ cvs awhile back)

Notes: Clorox wipes are a double dip this week! They count towards this week's spend $10 get $3 and there is another cat spend $10 get $3 for the clorox! So spend $10 in clorox wipes psp and receive $6 back in CATs

Total Before Savings: $20.71
Total OOP: $0.27
CATs Used: $9.00
CATs Received: $9.00
Total Cost: $0.27

(4) Clorox Wipes (3.49) $2.50
(1) Soft Soap (1.99) $1.00
(1) Smart Balance (4.29) $2.50

Coupons Used:
(1) $2.50/4 Clorox
(1) $1.50/1 smart balance
(1) $0.35/1 Soft soap

Total Before Savings: $32.95
Total OOP: $0.12
CATs Used: $9.00
CATS Earned: $9.00
Total Cost: $0.12

(6) SueBee Honey (4.69) $2.50
(1) Softsoap (1.99) $1.00
(2) Perdue Drumsticks $0.99/lb

Coupons Used:
(6) $1/1 honey peelies
(1) $0.35/1 softsoap
(1) $3/chicken or beef CAT


Bargain Becky said...

Thanks Ronnie! I didn't realize it was 3X worthy. The Clorox wipes are a great deal. Heading on over again to do a round.

vicjbr said...

The back to school "shaws" book was expired. Did your store take it?

Dawn's Delicious Deals said...

Awesome Deals! ;-)

Ronell said...

No vicjbr I don't use expired coupons. This was a different book, it was a little back to school booklet with a school bus on the cover only had a few coupons inside it maybe 4? It was out awhile ago found it at CS desk in one of the stores.

Anonymous said...

So I'm new to this, are you able to use the cats from one purchase on another purchase for the same promotion? Or are you using cats from a previous promotion for each of these purchases?

vicjbr said...

There was a medicine one, I must have missed this 1.. go figure.

Eden said...

oooh i am so excited! did one transaction this morning. i am going to have to "live" at shaw's this week. lol. anyways, was wondering where you got the clorox coupon? i don't have ANY coupons for the wipes! thanks.

Ronell said...

Eden there was a shaws "back to school book" out awhile ago that had a schoolbus on the cover, it was a smaller booklet with only a few coupons in it for cleaning supplies and Glad. That's where I was using my $2.50/4 coupon! But we also just got $1/2 clorox wipes q's in this past insert!

Rich and Leslie said...

If you go to and register you can get two coupons for buy 2 get one free.

Ronell said...

Will your Shaws take printables for a free item? I know the ones by me won't thats in their policy so I didn't bother to point those coupons out, but if your store allows them that is great!

Rich and Leslie said...

That was my first time using one and it went through with out a problem, but I'm in Boston.