Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shaws Trip 10/13

Total Before Savings: $101.58
Total OOP: $1.86
CATs Used: $38.00
CATs Earned: $40.00
Total Profit Of: $0.14
Parden the picture quality it was taken with Hubby's cell phone.
(4) Log Cabin Syrup (4.19psp) $2.50
(4) Ronzoni Smart Taste (1.69psp) $1.00
(1) Super Pretzel (2.79psp) $2.00
(2) Pepperidge Farm 5 cheese loafs (2.99psp) $2.50
(2) Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast (2.99psp) $2.50
(6) Eggos (2.99psp) $2.00
(2) Welchs Refrigerated Juice (3.49psp) $2.50
(3) YoCrunch (3.49psp) $2.50
(1) Playtex Gloves (1.79psp) $1.00
(1) Softsoap (1.99psp) $1.00
(4) Clorox Wipes (3.49psp) $2.50

(2) Marked down chicken (had a $3 off chicken or beef cat to use so this was FREE)
(7) Joint Juice (got a rain check when they were 10/$10 they are still producing the $10 CAT but not the $5/7 coupon)

Coupons Used:
(4) $1/1 Log Cabin hangtags
(2) $1/2 Ronzoni printable from my sidebar --->
(1) $0.50/1 superpretzel from inserts
(2) $1/2 pepperidge farm garlic bread or toast from inserts
(6) $0.55/1 eggos ordered from ebay since we never get the good value q's here!
(2) $1/1 welchs juice printables from their site
(3) $1/1 yocrunch from inserts
(1) $1/1 playtex gloves from inserts
(1) $0.35/1 softsoap booklet I found at cvs awhile back
(1) $2.50/4 Clorox from a back to school savings book
(1) $3/1 beef or chicken CAT which made the 2 packages of chicken FREE plus a few cents overage
(1) $5/7 Joint Juice CAT coupon (no longer printing)

NOTES: This CAT promo is unlimited! I did $90 in presale and received my (9) $3 CATs from the backpage deal also received the extra $3 CAT from the Clorox and $10 from Joint Juice! I finally earned some gas rewards points! This was by far my best trip because of all of the great variety of items I purchased for nothing, but it was very confusing and I was just hoping and praying I had worked my numbers right and that all my CATs would print out at the end! 2 more days! Happy shopping!!


Anonymous said...

I've been confused by this one. Went this morning and got ZERO cats when I thought I'd get two. argh.

Then this afternoon got 5 cats when I thought I'd get 3. Guess I made up for the morning...

Ronell said...

Well I'm glad you made up for it! =) For every $10 in presale price you buy you get $3 back. Although there are a few items that people have been reporting not working. I know the sargento finishers is one of them and a few other things, but most everything should work!

Ronell said...

Oh and wanted to add that sometime it takes forever for the machine to start printing them. They actually don't start printing until the cashier closes the drawer after your transaction. During this big trip I did I started freaking cause nothing was printing, then a few seconds after he closed the drawer they all came out! So make sure you stick around for a little bit to make sure nothing is printing out.

Anonymous said...

You are SO AWESOME!!! I always follow your blog on the Shaws CAT weeks - and I was so excited that you posted your trips while I still had time to read them, and then run to the store. I appreciate the time you put into posting the deals and the coupons... thank you!! None of my Shaws had marked the Log Cabin on sale, so I totally missed that it was such a good deal. After reading your post, I ran out and got 6 bottles plus 4 pastas for just $1.40!! Thank you again - you totally inspire me!
from Maine!

Eden said...

oh i am so excited! i did $60 pre sale just now. it was so much fun. i am contemplating going back this afternoon, but i am kind of afraid to show my face again. :) lol.

anways question. i got 6 welch's refridgerated juices & they can't all go in the fridge. was just wondering if you knew anything about them & if they HAD to go in the fridge or maybe i could just keep them out? was thinking maybe the basement since it is cooler down there...what do you think?