Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shaws Trip 10/15

I had mentioned earlier about ordering eggo coupons in advance because I knew what a great deal they would be and wanted to stock up on them. Remember when thinking about starting your stockpile check your expiration dates most of all the eggos I purchased don't expire until the end of next year! These brownies don't expire until Jan of 2011! There are always sales that I regret not going out and getting more of a certain item, especially items you use weekly or daily like cheese! So just make sure you check the dates, if they have a long shelf life then stock up good, figure out how much your family will consume in that time frame! Anyway, I took the kids with me to get in these two runs real quick and plan on going out tonight and doing a more extensive trip with the rest of the products I have coupons for. No way am I able to do that with the kiddies =)

Total Before Savings: $31.68
Total OOP: $0.40
CATs Used: $9.00
CATs Earned: $9.00
Total Cost: $0.40
I did this transaction twice.

(6) Duncan Hunes Brownies (2.29psp) $1.00
(6) Eggos (2.99psp) $2.00

Coupons Used:
(2) $1/3 Duncan Hines from past insert
(6) $0.55/1 Eggo ebay coupons

NOTES: The brownies were an extra I added in because my other scenario had $0.40 oop as well just for the eggos. So it ended up being $0.06/box of eggos or if you want to count the brownies it was $0.03/box for each. Now that is a fantastic deal!