Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shaws Trip 10/15

Total Before Savings: $71.18
Total OOP: $1.08
CATs Used: $34.00
CATs Earned: $18.00
Total Cost: $17.08

(3) Eggos (2.99psp) $2.00
(2) Hormel Pepperoni (4.79psp) $3.29
(14) Sargento Shredded Cheese (2.99psp) $2.00
(1) Playtex Gloves (1.79psp) $1.00
(2) Starbucks Ice Creams (had 2 free coupons I needed to use that expired today)

Coupons Used:
(3) $0.55/1 Eggos (last of my ebay q's)
(2) $0.55/1 Pepperoni printable from their site
(1) $1/1 playtex gloves from insert
(2) FREE Ice Cream Q's from a facebook promo

NOTES: I spent a lot of CATs tonight because I knew I wanted to stock up on cheese and it wasn't really coming OOP but instead I was burning some CATs. I recently purchased a freezer that was much needed in order to have a sufficient stockpile. So I knew I wanted to stock up on cheese because we go through cheese quickly and it's a staple in our home and if it's not on sale somewhere I buy a bag at Aldi for $2.99 (bigger bag than 8oz not sure what size though). With this CAT promo I ended up paying $1.14/bag which is a good price for me concidering how much we use it. Taco night, pizza night, any type of baked pasta dish, chicken parm, etc. So now I feel good knowing I have 14 bags of cheese in my freezer =) The Hormel Pepperoni is part of the promo as well!

Get ready for this week as well! Another fantastic CAT promo!!


Lindsay said...

Hi Ronell,
Totally random, but did you used to sell Tastefully Simple? (I think I saw that here?)

Ronell said...

Hi Lindsay! Yes I used to sell Tastefully Simple. I just stopped doing it recently because my other business (CT Pleasures) is really keeping me well beyond busy and bringing in an excellent income =)