Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Unwanted Shopping trip...

I really did not want to go shopping yesterday, but we were completely out of dog food, so I had to go and couldn't put it off. To make matters worse I took my 2 year old with me and he was in some kind of mood let me tell you! So I flew through these stores as quickly as I could and thought about returning that new book he got! lol. Since I was already going out I made some other stops along the way. I went to CVS, Walmart and Kohls. Kohls I tried to use my $5 coupon towards a book, but they wouldn't let me use it on the Kohls Cares for Kids items, so that was a bust. Of course my son already had the book in his hands and was super excited, so I purchased it anyway.

Here is what I got at CVS:

(2) CVS Brand Cotton Swabs w/ Bonus Travel packs $3.39/ea. Gave me $2/ea in ECBs.

(1) Listerine Smart Rinse $3.49. Gave me $3.49 back in ECBs.

(1) CVS Brand bandages $1.99. Gave me $1.99 back in ECBs.

(1) CVS Brand Shave cream (grabbed the wrong item) $3.39. Used a $2 off any CVS skincare coupon. Gave me $1 back in ECBs.

(1) Two Pack of Oral B Toothbrushes (the monthly deal) $6.99. Gave me $6.99 back in ECBs.

Coupons Used:
$4 off a $20 Purchase welcome email
$2 off a CVS brand skincare product
$3 off $10 in CVS products

Total ECBs Used: $12.98

Total OOP: $0.70

Total ECBs Earned: $17.47! Plus I had $1.99 left in ECBs from my last transaction which puts me at a total of $19.46!

Not too bad for a last minute trip! I wanted to make some extra ECBs because I know that next weeks deals aren't all that great and I will end up losing some. By the way, remember to scan your card at the coupon machine in the store! They are spitting out $1 off CVS brand waters and next week a 24 pack will be on sale for $2.99 which means with your coupon they will only be $1.99!!! For 24 bottles of water! NICE. I already have like 5 coupons, that's all I seem to get lately when I scan my card!

Here is my Walmart Trip: (Dog food 44lb bag and shade not pictured)

Here is the breakdown:

(1) 44lb Bag of Purina Dog Chow $17.92. Used a $4 off coupon making it $13.92

(1) Darkening Shade for Jacob's room (he ripped his other one down) $5.97.

(1) Kraft Salad Dressing $1.58. Used the FREE coupon from the Kraft magazine.

(1) Shade hardware to install the shade in baby's room (forgot that the last trip) $0.96.

(2) Travel size Clean and clear face washes $0.97/ea. Used a $3/2 coupon giving me $1.06 in overage.

(1) Travel Size KY warming lotion $1.67. Used a $2/1 coupon from the newspaper last week.

Now as always Walmart's cashiers screwed something up. I also had purchased a Durex Play product it was 4.73 and I had a $5 coupon (see last Walmart trip). Well the cashier somehow scanned the $5 off coupon and put it back in her hand with the unscanned coupons and some how DIDN'T scan the KY coupon and put that in the stack of scanned coupons. So when she tried to scan the Durex coupon it wouldn't take. She turned her light on and a young girl came over showed no signs of being a manager and said oh it's not going through because the item is less than the coupon amount. I said what? That doesn't even make sense, no where on the coupon does it state that the purchase price has to be over the coupon price. So she said well that is what I was told. I'm like ok whatever just take that off my order then and give me the coupon back, my son was FREAKING out in the cart and I did not want to deal with these two. So she did. Then I get my receipt and look it over in the car thinking wow that was a really low total and sure enough I see she scanned the $5 coupon and not the $2 ky coupon! So it would have gone through just fine, well it DID go through just fine I should say. My Husband tells me I should make it nice and simple for them and hand them ONE coupon at a time and not my whole stack. I think I will start doing that since they can't handle it on their own! lol.

So I got all of the above for $17.75 LESS THAN THE COST OF THE DOG FOOD! Not too shabby!