Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shaws Deals will be up tomorrow

I'm sorry all I really wanted to post all the Shaws deals tonight, but I am not feeling well (whole house has been sick) and working on my new blog design tonight has given me the biggest migraine! lol. I'll put them all up tomorrow, which will be better for all of you because I will have some reports from all of my fellow SDers on what works and what doesn't! Check back tomorrow for more!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to leave a love note saying THANK YOU for your post this week on Shaw's! A good friend pointed me at your blog and then encouraged me to go on my inaugural run tonight! It was so exciting and I think I did pretty well!

I am so thankful for blogs like yours - in this day and age we moms can use all the help we can get!

- Jen

Anonymous said...

I also want to give you a big THANK YOU! I found your blog through SD for the Shaws deals. Through your helpful pics, prices, coupon matches I was able to get a ton of groceries for little money! I'm in MA and our prices seem to be either right on with yours or a bit higher. I'll be checking back in often. I love your blog and thank you again for doing a wonderful job!