Monday, January 5, 2009

$17.xx Money Maker Scenario for Shaws

Ok so yesterday was my first outing to Shaws. My neighbor sd buddy and I went to tackle three stores hoping to get a good variety at all the stores and OMG NONE of them have freaking wipes! We were so mad, we could only make one diaper deal each. I hope they restock soon here in CT!

Anyway here was my first transaction:
2 Fiber One Honey Clusters - (2) $0.75/1
4 Multigrain Cheerios - (4) $0.75/1
4 Total Whole Grain - (4) $0.75/1
1 BC Potatoes - (1) $0.40/1
4 BC Gushers - (2) $0.75/2
2 Yo Plus - (2) $1/1

My total came to $12.25 OOP (I also used a $0.50 cat I had got for the yeast)

I received $30 back in CATS

I want to mention that I was able to do this with all printables and all printed off of ONE computer! So anyone should be able to do the above scenario and make some money! You can print all the same coupons from my sidebar,, and to print all my coupons.

The second transaction I did was:
2 wipes - (2) $0.50/1
1 baby dry - (1) $1/1
1 fiber one toaster pastries - $0.75/1

Used $15 in cats she scanned them so I was lucky enough to get the tax credit! Spent $0.07 OOP and received $20 back!

Total Spent Tonight: $12.32 have $35 in cats to spend!


Eden C. said...

Wow! That's great.

A couple of questions though.

So you can do up to two deals in the same transaction? I noticed because the first transaction you did you got $30 back.

And two. The second transaction you did, you got $20 back, not $15 or $30. How did you manage that?

Thanks for all your wonderful help! I am loving all this shopping!

Ronell said...

Hi Eden, I posted about the baby promo in the post below this. If you spend $25 or more you get $5 cat to use on your next baby items. Included in this promo is the pampers diapers/wipes which are also included in the 15/30. So you can douple dip and get both promos! It works on presale pricing as well so make sure you have at least $25 in baby stuff. Were there any wipes left at the stores you went to? I couldn't believe how bare the shelves were, I have been hearing people doing like 11 transactions in the same store with these diapers. I wish they would save some for the rest of us!! lol.

As far as doubling up yes you can do that as well. Spend $60 in presale prices and get $30 back in cats. Good luck to you!

Eden C. said...

Thanks so much!

Well seeing as there are no babies here yet, maybe that deal wouldn't work so well for me. But I will look!

I haven't seen the wipes at the store I go to. But then again, I don't normally look there. I go to the Enfield store.

Thanks for all the help! This is just SOOOO exciting!

Kristina said...

Hi Ronell.

I have gone twice and wanted to let you know that although, I got a great deal on groceries, it didn't work as I had hoped.

I went last night and bought the cheerios, bisquick, and boxed veggies. After coupons (and bag credit) I paid $11.27 and got $15 in coupons back.

I was hesitant to go back and try again, since the last time (last deal time, I think), I didn't get the coupons back after my second transaction.

I went back this morning, figuring that even if it didn't work, I was still getting a good deal. I bought 3 muir glen sauces, some boxed veggies, 2 cereal, and pantene shampoos. My total (pre-sale... same as last night) was over $30. All items were the correct ones for the deal. I used coupons, and my total came to about $13ish. I handed him 2 of my $5 coupons last night, to spend only $3 oop, and ended up with NO coupons back at the end.

I am thinking that maybe at my store, you can not roll the coupons into a new deal, and am wondering if this is happening to anyone else?

I'm not going to bother going to customer service, because after my last experience, I know that they really don't know anything about the details of the deal. Plus, I got a lot of groceries for only $14 OOP AND still have another $5 coupon. I really can't complain.

Eden C. said...

One more question! :) Sorry!

The baby thing.

You said you bought...
two wipes. $8.99x2=17.98.
dry diapers. $19.99.
fiber one pastries. $3.19.

In that case, the total would be $41.16. Then you would minus your coupons & $15 in catalinas.

I guess I don't understand how you got down to $15.07 with only a couple small coupons & such a big total...

Sorry about all this!

Ronell said...

Hi Kristina, Sorry to hear that. I just checked and it's being reported that muir glen items aren't producing cats for some reason. Also I guess the other item is the cascadian farm veggies are not working. And the only Fiber One cereal that works is the honey oat clusters.

So rolling should work, I think it was the muir glen that messed it up. No report if they are fixing it in the system yet or not.

Eden C. said...

That happened to me too! Twice actually! I was thinking on going back again today to try, but was a little nervous too...

I did one deal with just cereal the first time & it went great. Then the second & third deals went fine until I didn't get back my catalinas. I thought it must have just been a mistake, but now I see there are two of us! Oh dear...

Well you are not the only one...

kristina said...

thanks. Maybe I'll try going back with that last $5 coupon and see what I can do.

Too bad about the muir glen. Oh well. :)

BECKY! said...

That's great Ronell! If I buy any more cereal, the husband will kill me! I have to get out to do the baby deal!!

Also - yes the Glen Muir is not working! I fell victim to it on Saturday night. Blah. Oh well.

Ronell said...

Actually I guess it is just the Muir Glen sauce that is not working. People are able to buy the soup.

Eden - diapers were $12.49 OP (original price) $10.69 OS. The wipes were actually $7.99 OP and $5 OS. The Fiber One is $2.19 OP and $2 OS. With all my coupons got it down to $17.77 paying with $15 in cats and 7 cents OOP. She scanned all of my $5 cats so remember you get the tax credit when they are scanned in. HTH!

Becky, you can always give it to charity! You're making a lot of money on it! lol.

Eden C. said...

strange! that is not what my ad has them on sale for! but I guess things do change from region to region...

Cent With Love said...

WOW! Thanks for this scenario. I'm going to give it a try tomorrow. I already have some cats from earlier, but I still have all of these Q's left. Awesome! You just practically increased my weekly grocery budget by 50% with this one transaction.

Eden C. said...

Well I was thinking of trying Shaw's again today since I haven't had much luck with it yet. As I said above, one transaction did fine, then after that I would not get any more catalinas back. I am not sure now whether to try again or not. Just wondering if anyone who was having problems with that too has done it again & if it worked. Just wondering...I don't want to mess up again!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say thank you so much for your Shaws posts! I was able to hit my Shaws the other night and stock up thanks to you and your awesome coupon match ups! Love your blog!

Ronell said...

Eden - I would go ahead and give it a shot. Stay away from the Muir Glen Sauce, the cascadian farm veggies and the only Fiber One cereal that DOES WORK is the honey oat clusters or whatever it is. Good Luck!

And thank you so much everyone else, I am so glad that I can help others pinch a penny and stock up on some great items! I am heading out again today with some other scenarios, wish me luck that the stores are stocked! I will report back when I get home!

Eden C. said...

thanks Ronnell! ill do that!