Monday, January 5, 2009

Shaws Scenario

Went to Shaws tonight and I did a "double deal", spent $60 Pre-Sale and got $30 back plus the $5 baby cat.

3 Multigrain Cheerios $3.99 presale
2 BC Potatoes $2.39 presale
1 Yoplus $2.99 presale
2 Pampers baby dry $12.49 presale
2 Gerber Puffs (this was a filler to get to $25 in baby items)
2 Tag sprays $5.29 presale
1 tag deodorant $5.29 presale

Coupons Used:
(3) $0.75/1 multigrain cheerios
(2) $0.40/1 BC potatoes
(1) $1/1 yoplus
(2) $1.50/1 pampers
(1) $0.75/2 gerber puffs
(1) $1/1 tag
(1) b2g1 free tag

Used $25 cats - they scanned them so I got the tax credit
Paid $0.97 OOP - really I paid $8.97 oop but I bought a can of formula that was marked down
Received $30 cats plus the $5 baby cat so $35

This was a $10 Money Maker


Anonymous said...

What Shaws did you go to because I had a hard time at the manchester Shaws. Would only allow one order not two and when put together the only got $15 back. How did you get $30 back plus $5. The store is only alowing 3 cats per order.
Thanks for the infomation.

BECKY! said...

ooh. Nice! Thanks for posting about the Tag! I have some coupons but have been afraid to try that out. Now that I know the Tag works, I'll add that to my order today!

Is it all baby stuff that counts towards the $25 or just certain brands?

BECKY! said...

Also (sorry for harassing you so much! :) ) Is Baby Dry included in the $30/$15? I was under the impression it was just Swaddlers and Cruisers. THANKS!!

Ronell said...

Becky I am not sure what exactly is included in the baby deal. If you look in the flyer they show a picture of a few items, but who knows what exactly qualifies because they didn't even put it in the flyer!!! lol. And yes Baby Dry is included, but they ring up $10.69 not $10.00. They have more diapers in them though! lol. They also have $1.50/1 coupons in most of them!

Anonymous, it just depends on the cashier at the moment. That's one thing that really bothers me about Shaws is that no one knows the policies so sometimes they just make something up as they go. Sorry you didn't have any luck.